Knockout Meals is an Edinburgh based, fresh & healthy meal prep company. Supplying you with nutritious meals, using locally sourced ingredients with no added sugar! We know how time consuming shopping, cooking and meal preparation can be and that’s why we are here to help! Not only is Knockout Meals here to provide you with fresh & healthy meals as well as a professional service, But Knockout Meals is also here to give you the guidance needed to achieve your goals whether it be muscle gain, losing weight or just obtaining a healthier & happier lifestyle! We deliver to Edinburgh and surrounding areas, Fife, and Falkirk.



At Knockout Meals we believe that you need to give your body and mind the best fuel possible in order to be the best you. We believe in positivity and we want to bring more of it into the world. We want you to live life to the fullest and use your time wisely. Why spend time planning your meals, shopping for ingredients and cooking when we are happy to do it all for you? Saving you on average around 600 hours per year. That’s 25 days! It’s not just about saving time, we also provide nutritionally designed menus that are catered to making you look and feel awesome using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. It’s common for people to think that eating healthy means that food doesn’t taste as good; We say differently. Order one of our expertly designed Meal Bundles and be one step closer to the fitter, healthier you!



Lana Benson
Head Chef

My name is Lana Benson, I am the Head Chef at Knockout Meals. I trained as a professional dancer and travelled the world performing, but always wanted to pursue my other passion of cooking. As a self-taught cook from my mother and professional chefs, I have managed to climb my way up to lead the team at Knockout Meals. Most of my life, I have been fixated on a healthy nutritional balanced diet to ensure I obtain all the correct nutrients to enable me to perform up to three shows a day. Lewis had a vision of Knockout Meals, and as a family, we would be able to transform this vision into a reality. We are blessed and thankful to every client that has been with us every step of the way and look forward to the future.

Lewis Benson
Founder of Knockout Meals

My name is Lewis Benson and I’m the founder of Knockout Meals. I’ve been involved in the sport and fitness industry all my life as I was an elite amateur boxer and part of the Scotland National team from the age of 15. I represented my country over 30 times all around the world at a very high level and found success in doing so. I am now a professional boxer, having 13 fights so far and working hard to reach the top tiers of the sport. Boxing has taught me a lot about food, nutrition and the key elements to fuelling and recovering the body properly. I’ve always had to diet to make weight and still have energy to be able to perform; That’s all been down to consuming the right foods and nutrients. Me and the rest of the amazing team at Knockout Meals have put together something special to make sure you are getting a great variety of low fat meals that contain all the proper nutrients you need to be full of energy.

Why choose Knockout Meals

Knockout Meals is a community! Once you become part of Knockout Meals you will become a part of a positive, supportive and friendly community alongside fellow members and our staff. Get involved on social media and feel a part of something great! Let us know how much weight you have lost, how much muscle you have gained and how much happier and healthier you feel!

Our meals are perfect for: Weight Loss, Muscle Gain, Increased Energy Levels, Healthier and equally, resulting in a Happier Lifestyle. Knockout Meals deliver fresh and healthy meals right to your door weekly! All of our meals are macro-calculated to aid you in getting the results that you desire, and more importantly, have you feeling great!


Join the new way to meal prep, with our bundle deals or subscription offer.

Who Loves 
Our Food

Our goal is to create meals that you love. This is why we’re constantly working on our services to make it better every day and really listen to what our customers has to say.

Aimee Fleming
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Highly recommend knockout meals to anyone !! Just received my second batch of 21 meals and couldn’t be more happy with my orders.
Alex Sneddon
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Fabulous service today, loving the flaming chicken dish. Lots of different flavours and good for balancing your meals and not feeling hungry. Happy customer.
David McColl
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the food is amazing!!! hands down the best in town. if u havent tried it yet get your order in will be well worth it. great delivery and the guys are always pleasant too. awesome company keep up the good work guys.
Kim Shields
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I have ordered from Knockout meals a couple of times now. They are absolutely amazing and taste so good. So healthy for you, but taste amazing at the same time. Very quick service, very good prices and all round a fantastic team. Highly recommend. Can’t wait for more.